Videocall fatigue

As a result of the Corona virus the amount of online conversations have increased with about 200%. It was fine before Covid when i just had the work meetings online (company policy – video first) and talking to my fiancee which is lovely in every way. Then this little slideshow based on a BBC worklife article came up in my feed from Carleton SWA:s showed up in my feed pinpointing exactly my experience over the past few weeks.

Especially slide two really applies to me. As i am having aspergers, something that already is difficult like social cues gets even more difficult in the video call situation. It simply takes a lot more energy to process the cues that i get than when talking to a normal friend. I have also discovered that i much easier gets sidetracked by everything around me.

In this times i want life to go back to normal so i would get some IRL input and not just videocalls. Being quite an introvert guy helps, but still the processing and the occasional person who forgets to shut their mic off makes my brain go bananas at times.

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